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Bike Trailers


Here you can find everything around bicycle trailers!

Our products are high-quality processed and meet the highest safety standards!


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Child Bike Trailers



The selection of children's bicycle trailers has increased in recent years.
As a parent, you need to know that every manufacturer specializes in certain requirements.
It's a good thing that you don't have to make any compromises with us and find the best children's bicycle trailers.


Dog Trailers



The demands on dog trailers are increasing and so are the possibilities.
Good dog trailers are available from 249€.
We give our best so that your four-legged friend arrives safely at his destination.


Cargo Trailers



Whether for shopping or for a nice bike tour:
A load trailer is a very practical thing.
Various designs and models guarantee perfect transport. 


Shopping Cart / Trolley



You're tired of having to repack everything when you go shopping?
The Trolley Max finally solves the problem!
Trolley and bicycle trailer in one. This combination makes this trolley a unique shopping aid. 





Here you will find all accessories for your vehicle.
From helmets, bags or water bottles, to lighting sets or locks, everything is included!


Spare Parts



In the course of time one is not immune to defective parts.
Particularly with products for children, it is important to ensure that the trailers are in a reasonable condition in order to guarantee safety.


Hire Bike Trailers



You can now also rent selected bicycle trailers from us on site.
Ideal for holidays, bike tours or just for testing.



Bike Trailer - Assembly



We will be happy to help you assemble your new bicycle trailer.