Children's bikes

Children's bikes



Children should not only be carried and driven. No, they also have to be active outside.

We would like to support you with innovative, sustainable and durable products.
We offer unique wheels that are only available from us.


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Rebel Kidz

Rebel Kidz bike-bep24

Rebel Kidz is one of the very young brands that have positioned themselves on the wheel market only in this decade.

Already the name and the consciously defiant and modern spelling of "Kidz" shows a rebellious attitude. The young style appeals to the peculiarities of children and connotes them positively.



Under the name Leg&Go, an outstanding bicycle for toddlers from the age of 6 months is offered. With the appropriate sets, they can use it up to the age of 6 without having to make other regular purchases. This saves a lot of time and money!





The add+bike is ideal for safe use in a busy city centre and for all large and small bicycle tours, e.g. to the kindergarten or to the playground.
By using freewheel hubs, the children can, but do not have to, pedal.





If your children are already older, you still have the problem of not being able to make longer bike tours.
On the one hand, the child is physically strained over long distances, on the other hand, they must be extremely vigilant in road traffic and anticipate their child's direction of travel beforehand.
A tandem pole helps here and provides new driving fun.