Nordic Cab bicycle trailer explorer

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– for the outdoor enthusiast

Explorer is by far our most versatible trailer.
The plastic hardbase works as a safe and reliable base for a multitude of alterations, as well as adding insolation in wintertime.
With the Explorer you can walk, jog, ski, go mountainhiking, cycle, transport your cargo, your dog and more..
– and truly go Exploring!

Explorer – Our most versatile trailer!
Being the first model launched by Nordic Cab, The Explorer was designed with the aim to cover as many outdoor activities as possible, althewhile keeping you and your children safe and comfortable.

Insolation and protection
The plastic hardbase also offers added protection should you bump into something on your way, as well insolation for colder evenings or in the wintertime.

Robust base
The Explorer features a robust plastic base, that enables the many alterations this product offers, in quick and easy steps. It also simplifies the assembly of the trailer and features drainage holes for water.

Fully reclinable seats
Explorer features a unique seat solution where the seats can be adjusted to any position you want, and all the way down to create a vertical flat bed, for the optimal sleeping position
– your kids can relax and you can ventour even further.

Added height
The Explorer has added interior height so you and your kids can exploring – in comfort.

One or two?
With the Explorer you can easily adjust the two seats to one central position for your journeys with one child.

Cargo trailer
Explorer can easily be converted into a robust cargo trailer with additional cargo cover to help you with those extra luggage trips to your cabin or at home for groceries or other transport needs.

Large storage space
As the Explorer was designed to accommodate your every outdoor need, it features a large storage space insode the cabin for those vital necessities.

Technical specification

Wheels: 20´ inch
Children: 1-2
Weight: 14 kg*
Seat shoulder width: 30 cm per child*
Seat height: 71 cm*
Dimensions folded WxLxH: 61 x 101 x 41 cm*
Dimensions assembled WxLxH: 79 x 90 x 107 cm*

2-in-1 as standard packed
– Bicycle trailer
– Stroller

– Ski sled
– Jogger
– Hiking
– Cargo
– Dog pull kit
– Dog bed
– Wheelbarrow handle

Nordic Cab strollers are tested and approved in accordance with:
– Cycle trailers (EN 15918: 2011+A1:2013
– Wheeled child conveyances (EN 1888)
Testing was performed by an independent control body (SGS)
* Measures can vary slightly depending on assembly
Package delivery
Maximum permitted load is 45 kg. Maximum permitted total weight is 59 kg.