Rebel Kidz

Rebel Kidz

Rebel Kidz _ lauflernräder

The supplier's slogan and self-description condense the goals and approach:

    Rock´n Ride - more than leaner bikes (...) So with our long experience of making high end bicycles and parts we created cool and stylish childrens bikes which finally leaves nothing to be desired

On the one hand, cycling is about (playful) learning, but not only: the child-friendly and fun should be added so that the little ones feel fully accepted.

Technically high-quality, adaptable, cleanly finished and quite stylish in appearance, these thoughts and guiding ideas are merged by the supplier in his Balance Bikes.

Rebel Kidz offers three rows of wheels per material category, which refer to the different age and growth phases. Each series is also available in a choice of designs, so that the customer can individualise his wishes.