Rollikup - wheelchair mounting

Rollikup - wheelchair mounting

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The Rollikup is the world's only coupling for wheelchairs that can pull trailers, suitcases and other accessories.

With this set it is possible to attach common bicycle trailers, suitcases, sack trucks etc. to a wheelchair using the coupling.

We want to make our contribution to independence, so that every wheelchair user can go outside at any time. Of course, it can also be used to carry out everyday errands with a load trailer. Travelling is also made easier and is now possible spontaneously, without expensive luggage service. 

With just one hand and without turning it around, it is possible to get there and back.

Once attached to the wheelchair, you can leave the small component on during the season and it only has an additional weight of 133 g.

Complete sets with trailers are also already available. Other dimensions are available on request (smaller diameter or larger).

This set contains the following:

-Coupling for wheelchair mounting

-Coupling for attachment to trailer drawbars, suitcase handles and much more.

-Adapter 23mm and 30mm square and round

-Rubber to protect the wheelchair



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